Providing Access to Quality Healthcare

I’ve heard firsthand stories of individuals grappling with the harsh reality of rationing or skipping medication due to exorbitant costs. Many are forced to postpone critical medical treatments, burdened by overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses. The tales of struggle and sacrifice I hear emphasize the pressing need for a healthcare system that leaves no one behind.

This hits particularly close to home for me as my twin brother, diagnosed with cancer, was forced to remain at work to maintain his employer health insurance so he could cover the costs of his chemotherapy and medications.

I firmly believe healthcare is a basic human right. Every Californian deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare, regardless of income, employment status, or pre-existing conditions.

That’s why I was proud to collaborate with Santa Clara County to establish a first-in-the-state medical health clinic at De Anza College. This groundbreaking clinic aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services, including mental health access, primary care physicians, dental clinics, and more, for our students and the community.

This initiative is a testament to my dedication to practical solutions that directly improve the lives of individuals in our community. By establishing accessible healthcare services on a community college campus, we are breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, has the healthcare resources they need to thrive. And we are creating a model that can be replicated in college districts across the state.

As your Assemblymember, I will stand unwavering in my commitment to universal health coverage.

Together, we can build a healthcare system that truly cares for every individual in our diverse community, making quality healthcare a reality for all.

Building More Affordable Housing

I believe everyone deserves a place to call “Home.” As a former full-time college student, I, too, experienced the challenges of affordable housing firsthand, ultimately resorting to living in my car. This personal experience drives my commitment to finding effective solutions.

According to this year’s counts, there are 9,903 individuals experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County, including 1,226 families — a significant increase from the previous year’s count of 898. This only highlights the urgent need for action to address this crisis.

I will fight to ensure that our communities are inclusive and create policies so housing remains within reach for all of our residents.

As Board President of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District. I led an initiative to address the housing challenges faced by students, faculty, and staff. We have now successfully allocated $200 million for affordable housing initiatives within the college community. We can’t do this ourselves alone, so the district is collaborating with non-profit housing developers. This initiative will not only improve lives but also set a precedent for innovative solutions to the housing crisis.

As your Assemblymember, I am committed to leveraging our local success at Foothill-De Anza to replicate innovative policy on a statewide scale. By advocating for increased funding and implementing comprehensive policies, I will work tirelessly to ensure that affordable housing is not just a promise but a reality for every Californian.

Together, we can create communities that thrive and ensure that housing remains a fundamental right for all!

Elevating Education: Advocacy, Delivery & Increased Funding

Education is a cornerstone of a prosperous community. I know because I’m a first-generation college graduate, successfully earning degrees from DeAnza College, UCLA,and a Master’s Degree from San José State. But it hasn’t been an easy journey.

As someone who personally experienced a learning disability, I was placed in a special education program. It is only through the support and resources provided in special education that I was able to overcome my challenges and achieve academic success.

I am dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment where every student has the chance to thrive and achieve their potential. Here’s how:

Advocating for Educational Equity
I have a history of fierce advocacy for educational equity, believing that every student, regardless of background, deserves access to the best educational opportunities. As your Assemblymember, I will tirelessly champion policies that bridge educational disparities, ensuring that resources are distributed fairly and that every school has the tools needed to provide a well-rounded education.

Delivering on Education Initiatives
During my time as Board President of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District, I have spearheaded initiatives that transformed education within our community. I am proud to have delivered on promises, from innovative programs to improved infrastructure, making our schools more conducive to learning. My own life experience is a testament to my commitment to turning advocacy into concrete results.

Increasing School Funding
Our schools deserve adequate and sustained funding to provide the best education possible. I will fight vigorously to secure increased funding for our schools, working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop and implement policies that prioritize education in the state budget. By allocating resources where they are needed most, we can ensure that our students receive the education they deserve.

Expanding Access to Educational Resources
In the digital age, access to educational resources is crucial. I will work to expand access to technology, textbooks, and other essential learning materials for students and educators. By investing in modern resources, we can prepare our students for the challenges of the future, fostering an environment where every child can thrive.

Supporting Educators
Our educators are the backbone of our education system. I will advocate for policies that support and uplift our teachers, providing them with the training, resources, and compensation they need to excel in their vital role. A well-supported teaching workforce is key to delivering quality education to our students.

Ensuring Higher Education Affordability
Having faced housing insecurity as a student at De Anza, I know all too well the financial challenges of pursuing a higher education. I will fight to make college more affordable, working towards policies that reduce the burden of student loans and increasing access to grants and scholarships. Education should be a pathway to success, not a barrier due to financial constraints.

As your Assemblymember, I would be committed to building on my experience, advocating for our schools, and fighting for increased funding to ensure that every student receives an education that prepares them for a successful future.

Together, we can invest in the future of our community through quality education!

Ensuring Public Safety: A Commitment to Our Communities

We need to address urgent public safety issues head-on, including rampant retail theft and increases in property crimes. All of our residents deserve safe neighborhoods and public spaces, and I am committed to implementing comprehensive strategies that prioritize community policing, foster positive police-community relations, and invest in effective crime prevention programs.

By supporting law enforcement agencies with the resources they need, while also championing criminal justice reform, we can strike a balance that ensures both safety and fairness. It is essential that we engage in open dialogue with community members, local leaders, and law enforcement to collaboratively develop solutions that enhance public safety and promote a sense of security for every Californian. Here’s how we can do it:

Community-Centric Policing
I believe in fostering strong relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. By advocating for community-centric policing strategies, we can build trust, enhance communication, and create safer neighborhoods. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our law enforcement agencies are equipped with the resources and training necessary to uphold public safety effectively. I’ve already done this at Foothill-De Anza, and we can do it in Sacramento.

Crime Prevention Initiatives
Preventing crime is as essential as addressing it. I will support and champion initiatives that focus on proactive crime prevention, engaging with community organizations, local leaders, and law enforcement agencies to implement effective strategies. By investing in programs that address root causes, we can reduce crime rates and create a safer environment for everyone.

Mental Health Support
Recognizing the intersection of mental health and public safety, I am committed to advocating for increased resources and training for law enforcement to handle mental health crises with sensitivity and expertise. Additionally, I will work to strengthen partnerships between law enforcement and mental health professionals, ensuring that individuals in need receive the appropriate care and support.

Emergency Preparedness
In the face of natural disasters or emergencies, preparedness is paramount. I support initiatives that enhance our community’s ability to respond and recover effectively. This includes investing in disaster response training, infrastructure improvements, and collaboration with local emergency services to ensure the safety of residents during challenging times.

Transparent and Accountable Policing
Transparency and accountability are vital in maintaining public trust. I will advocate for policies that promote transparency within law enforcement agencies, ensuring that communities are informed and involved in the oversight of public safety initiatives. By fostering accountability, we can work towards a justice system that reflects the values of fairness and equality.

As your Assemblymember, I will collaborate with community leaders, law enforcement agencies, and residents to implement effective, inclusive, and forward-thinking strategies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our diverse communities.

Together, we can create a safer and more resilient California!

Combating Climate Change & Protecting Our Environment

California’s natural beauty is part of our identity, and I am deeply committed to addressing the urgent environmental challenges facing our communities.

With a focus on sustainable policies, I aim to lead initiatives that combat climate change, promote clean energy, and safeguard our precious ecosystems for generations to come. This includes policies that promote renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and invest in green infrastructure projects. By fostering innovation and collaboration, we can create a resilient and environmentally conscious region that serves as a model for the rest of the nation.

During my tenure as Board President, the Foothill-De Anza Community College District has been a leader in the sustainability movement among community colleges nationwide. I have taken bold steps to ensure a sustainable future, including successfully passing a board policy that commits the district to fully electrifying and decarbonizing its energy use by 2035. This forward-thinking policy sets a clear path to reducing our carbon footprint and embracing cleaner, more sustainable practices.

In addition, I advocated for and implemented a groundbreaking initiative providing free VTA transit passes for every student in our district. By getting cars off the road, we not only reduced individual carbon footprints but also promoted a culture of environmental responsibility among our students.

In 2019, the City of Cupertino recognized Foothill-DeAnza’s commitment to sustainability by awarding the district their prestigious CREST Award (“Cupertino Recognizes Extra Steps Taken”). This acknowledgment reflects our dedication to creating and maintaining effective sustainability programs that make a positive impact on both our local community and the environment.

As your Assemblymember, I will build on these achievements and advocate for robust investments in resilient infrastructure that can withstand the challenges posed by rising sea levels. This includes supporting initiatives such as coastal restoration projects, upgrading stormwater management systems, and fortifying critical infrastructure to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities.

Engaging in partnerships with local communities, environmental organizations, and experts is essential to developing comprehensive strategies that address the specific challenges of sea level rise in the South Bay Region. Additionally, we must advocate for policies that promote equitable climate resilience, ensuring that vulnerable communities are not disproportionately impacted.

Together, we can and should create a greener and healthier future for all!

Managing Your Tax Dollars Wisely

California is grappling with a significant budget deficit of $38 billion. It’s imperative that we have leaders who can effectively manage our state’s finances and preserve vital services in our community.

As District Director for our current Assemblymember, I was able to secure state funding to support our community, including $4 million for our firefighters and $7 million to enhance our community’s public safety and emergency response systems.

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